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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

30. Meet the Parents: A-
31. Meet the Fockers: B
32. Prometheus: B
33. Chernobyl Dairies: B-
34. Little Fockers: B-

Overall the Focker saga stayed fairly strong. By this third film though I had tired of the Kevin(Owen Wilson) character. He wasn't just the ex who was still friends with Pam and the Byrnes family, he clearly still had feelings for Pam. That back tattoo would've been the last straw if I was Gaylord.
You just knew from the moment Jessica Alba was seen on screen she was the temptress meant to test the marriage. So her scene of stripping down to her bare essentials and jumping all over Gaylord was no surprise. Although it was a good scene!
Good to see Laura Dern back in a film. I always wanted her to have her "solo" lead in a Jurassic Park film since it seemed the 2 sequels did that with the male leads.
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