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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Why do some many expect regular torpedoes (official forums+here)? It's a Torpedo Point Defense System, we're probably talking weak Torpedoes that barely tickle capital ships but destroy Plasma/Tricobalt Torpedoes and Fighters.
Only worth a console slot in PvP, IMO (to counter Carrier spam), in PvE I can shoot down Plasma Torps without losing a console slot.

I fly a Hermes and I'm not too enthusiastic over getting an Akira-R.
The Akira is a great-looking ship, but the stats? The only "upgrade" over the Hermes is the Hangar,at the cost of a worse BOFF layout: a 3rd Tac Ensign is useless.

On the other hand, although I fly a Hermes, I'd never pick one over the Prometheus ever since the Field Gen update. The Hermes looks better, the Prometheus has 18% more Shields and can fit Transfer Shield Strength+Polarize Hull+Hazard Emitters.

The Ultimate Escort (Fed-side) remains the Jem'Hadar Attack Ship, IMO:
- 10% more Hull than all Fed-Escorts.
- Better Impulse modifier (.22 instead of .2) and 5 more Engine Power means getting to targets faster (or fleeing faster if necessary).
- Turn Rate more on the level of a BoP than an Escort.
- A bit of versatility in the BOFF layout; though tbh one probably would just reproduce the Hermes/Guramba BOFF layout.
On the con side, bad consoles=only 1 Field Gen.

Klingon-side, it's between the Guramba and the Jem'Hadar: 4.8% Hull, better turn rate and Better Speed vs 18% Shields, Siege Mode and Javelin.

Escorts ranking, IMO:

T J wrote: View Post
Hi all! Just got my new fleet escort, what does everyone think?

P.S. - after looking at the new escort carrier I don't think I'll be jumping on it...maybe at some point.

In the mean time I'm really enjoying this fleet escort, it sure packs one hell of a punch!

1. Weapons:
It's not completely uncommon, but there's no reason to fit both a DBB and a Torp.
They fulfil the same role: big hits.

Tbh, personally, I run neither: my setup is 4 DHCs/3 Turrets (STFs), it parses higher than any other weapon setup (ok, I haven't tried 4 DCs) I've tested.

With 3 DHCs+1 Torp (tested both Photon & Quantum), I used to average ~4k DPS in ISE, with 4 DHCs, I average ~6k-6.5k DPS in ISE.
Sure, it doesn't produce big crits like Quantum Torpedoes or DBB+Beam Overload, but in STO as in all MMOs, burst damage is pointless. What matters is damage over time, not who had the highest screenshot.

My tactical BOFF setup is as follows:
Commander: TT1 CRF1 APO1 CRF3
Lt. Commander: TT1 APB1 APO1

All of those affect all my weapons (and in the case of APB, everyone else's), as do all my Tac consoles (4 Mag Regulators), they rotate nicely to give me TT, an Attack Pattern and CRF up most of the time.

2. Set:
The Borg set's main appeal is in its 2-pieces and 3-pieces set bonuses, especially the 2-pieces.
Individually, the pieces aren't that good and the 4-pieces bonus (a Tractor Beam every 4 minutes) is a drop in a bucket.
So, frankly, ditch that Shield. The Borg Shield is terrible.

In order of "lasting the longest against decent firepower", Shields (for Escorts) go like this:
In general: Maco>>>Reman>Aegis>other Covariants>Omega>Breen>Jem'Hadar>Borg.
In STFs: Maco>>>Omega>Reman>Aegis>other Covariants>Borg>Breen>Jem'Hadar.

This listing doesn't include KHG because I don't have a KDF Escort so I don't know the exact Cap and Regen they give to an Escort.

3. Devices:
A Subspace Field Modulator is always useful, though not mandatory, I suppose.

4. Eng Consoles:
- Emergency Force Fields suck. Your crew's going to die anyway and it doesn't matter much.
- SIF Generator and Neutronium are alright.
I use 2 Neutroniums and put the Borg module there, personally.

5. Sci Consoles:
- The Biofunction Monitor sucks.
- The Shield Emitter Amplifier is inferior to a Field Gen.
Tbh, ever since the Field Gen change, there's no reason to use any other Sci console (except on a low-Threat Science Vessel), you just stack as many as you can.
In the case of the Hermes, that's only 2.

6. Tac Consoles:
- You're an Escort, don't give one of your Tac slots up for the Borg module! Put it in Sci or Eng!
- Even if you use a Torpedo, you shouldn't use a Torpedo console. It's wasteful to have a Tac Console affect only 1 of your weapons.
- Not sure about the Transwarp Coil. +.76 Power to all systems is very nice, but is it worth sacrificing a Console slot? At any rate, don't put it in Tac, put it in Eng.

Parse yourself with those consoles and then with 4 Mag Regulators, you'll see the difference.

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