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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Nice, that you brought this ship into the discussion.

If you compare the Boff seating of the new Akira variant and the fleet escort, the Akira (refuse to use the arbitrary new class name) does better what the fleet escort is designed for, namely tanking with better engineering abilities or if so desired much better offensive engineering abilities to enhance the damage.
What it loses in DPS by not having a LC tactical station it probably more than makes up with the new torpedo power (up to 28 or so torpedo hits pread out over 8 targets) and the wing of enhanced fighter craft it is able to launch.
On top of that it will be excellent as a crowd control monster with the right fighters like runabouts for tractor beams or power leech pets and the ability to use high level warp plasma, etc.

Cryptic just invented the Jack of all Trades that is actually GOOD at the things it does.
This is the perfect ship for their mission designs. High DPS, high turn rate, enough versatility if the situation demands it.

Sorry, but the limited fleet escort with it's narrow DPS orientation plus a meager ensign engineer doesn't cut it anymore in direct comparison.

Plus the design for whatever reason always was a poor man's Akira anyway.

They did to the fleet escort what they did to the starcruiser when the Odyssey arrived in game.
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