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Thank you Rick for dropping by this thread and answering my questions. Since I havent done much research into who it was that was actually involved with the creation and or making of the first Borg Cube... I was wondering if you know who it actually was that made the cube in shop? Or maybe someone else here could answer that.
For some reason I find the first Borg Cube fascinating. The detail, the look, just about everything about it. I cannot say the same for the First Contact Cube and Voyager Cubes. They were too solid and I just dont like the 45 degree angles. But thats just my opinion.
It does suck that there is so little info about the First Cube. But, I can see why it would not be that interesting from a design standpoint. I also can see why they went with a more solid design for First Contact considering that just the way the First Cube was constructed lends itself to falling apart whilst sitting in storage and by being handled roughly...
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