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Im wondering what they made the thin wire type stuff out of. It could be styrene rods or it could be metal rods. I dont know if styrene can be bent at 90 degree angles tho, so I have to say its probably metal... maybe copper.
I really want to ask Rick Sternbach because from what I have read he was in charge of that type of stuff and he might know. Not that he was the guy who built it.

So does anyone know what happened to that original Borg Cube variant 1 from the Star Trek experience show? Did it get auctioned off at that Christies auction a few years ago? Did it get lost? Or did anyone manage to get some up close detailed pics from it?
Just the way it was constructed makes it hard to see how it was built. Like I have mentioned I see a couple parts that I know what they are like the Railroad stair-rails and hand-rails and alot of photo-etched brass. Plus I swear I can see some plastruct I beams in there. But as for the underlying detail and chunkyness I cannot make any of it out.
Should I PM Mr. Sternbach and ask him if he remembers any details or has any behind the scene pics? Or would that be bothering him?

I have these images that I got from someone on a hobby-model forum and the guy claimed that he worked as an intern on the show at the time and got to touch up paint the cube before they filmed with it...

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