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Re: Star Trek: Our Sacred Honor--A Tale Of Captain Ezri Dax

Meanwhile...deep inside the lair of Division 7, Section 31...

Star Trek: Aventine
Our Sacred Honor
Chapter 11

Sorak took in the information, and asked, “You’re certain?”

“Affirmative, sir. We’ve confirmed more than once, just to be sure.”

He nodded, accepting the positive step. However…it was never good to end an investigation before it was complete. Inevitably, one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.

Nonetheless, this was a major step indeed. And so, he replied, “Congratulations on your progress. However, this may not prove to be sufficient. How are the other analyses proceeding?”

“We are on schedule. We should provide complete results by tomorrow, at 1300 hours.”

“Very good. Anything further?”


“Well done. Out.”

He rose from the desk, and went straight to the office of his now-nameless colleague, who sat behind the desk in the barely-lit room.

“What’ve we got?” the man asked.

“A most promising piece of evidence. Apparently, the Aventine crew report was entirely accurate when reporting that the vessel was overpowered, to the point of being sufficient to destroy an entire colony.”

“It was all on record, Sorak. And the Council has no reason to doubt the report.”

“Perhaps—but the Confederacy would dismiss the records as having been altered. Concrete proof, on the other hand, strongly damages the credibility of their claims.”

“And what proof do we have?”

“It was most difficult to piece together the wreckage; however…the team has been successful in doing so. They have detected specific energy signatures, coinciding with some most curious oddities in the scans taken by the Aventine.”


“It so happens that the allegedly civilian craft…was equipped with an experimental reactor, of the sort which would not have been used on a non-military vessel of any category.”

After a pause, the man asked, “I assume…it’s the same one.”

“Doubtless. The design matches the schematics perfectly—however, I will promptly confirm it, to be certain.”

“Well, if it is…then it looks as if our Captain Dax is in over her head, to put it mildly.”

“I should think so.”

“All right, Sorak. Tomorrow, you’re bringing this to L’Haan—along with anything else we find. After that, much as it pains me to admit it…it’s all on her.”

“Of course.”

“Will that be all, then?”

“For tonight, I believe.”

The man gave him a nod of dismissal. Sorak exited to the corridor, to return to his office…to make contact with the Bureau’s moles in the Breen Confederacy.

* * *
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