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Re: Star Trek: Our Sacred Honor--A Tale Of Captain Ezri Dax

Enterprise1981 wrote: View Post
As someone who has read "Serenity Prayer", this type of reconciliation doesn't seem so "out of the blue". Still can't wait to see the upcoming discussion between Ezri and Sarina.
Well, I was actually referring to Julian, and how willing he seems to be to reconcile things.

Glad you're still liking it!

The Badger wrote: View Post
Just got caught up on this. You write at an enviable rate!

I wasn't entirely convinced by the scene where Ezri watches the political commentators. It felt a little as if the author's own politics were on display here, but that might be my own wishy washy bleeding heart liberal views colouring my perceptions. That aside, well written with believable characterisation. And if the Typhon Pact and half the Federation Council are gunning for you, wouldn't you just want Spock and Martok on your side?
Well, as for the commentators--I'd say, recall that Ezri notes that there were others she was listening two, on both sides of the aisle--but none of the others were as bad as the angry anti-Starfleet ranter.

Thanks, Badger!
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