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Re: IDW to publish post-Nemesis TNG Borg story, possibly Destiny

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Indeed, when Trek comics were at Wildstorm there was a fair amount of book-to-comic continuity.
There were a few instances of book-to-comic continuity -- i.e. something originating in the books and then showing up in the comics. There was Tiris Jast as DS9's first officer in Wildstorm's N-Vector miniseries (seeded there at Marco Palmieri's request). There was Divided We Fall, which featured the DS9 Relaunch cast. And there was New Frontier: Double Time, which was largely written to explain away the chronology error between two NF novels. But the other crossover elements were comic-to-book -- things that originated in the Wildstorm comics and were later adopted by the novels, such as the Damiani from Perchance to Dream, the events of The Gorn Crisis, and some bits from Enter the Wolves like President Thelian.

And except for N-Vector, the book-to-comic continuity elements came about in comics written by novel authors -- much the same as was the case with DC in the '80s (Diane Duane using her novel characters in the comic issues she wrote) and IDW recently (comics written by KRAD using characters or elements from his prose fiction). Other comics writers may have their own ideas and prefer to take things in a different direction.
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