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Re: IDW to publish post-Nemesis TNG Borg story, possibly Destiny

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it is certainly possible. Indeed, when Trek comics were at Wildstorm there was a fair amount of book-to-comic continuity.
Way back when DC Comics had the comic license, and Pocket was about to launch its first "giant novel" ("Enterprise: The First Adventure"), the two editors had dabbled in some cross pollination of concepts. However, when it came time for DC's first annual - and both companies decided to do a TOS origins story, racing to meet a deadline for the then-upcoming 20th anniversary - neither writer was keen about making their stories line up. The two projects ended up making very different choices on how the TOS crew came to be.

While it was a bit annoying for fans who love everything to be part of one great tapestry of Trek history, both "All Those Years Ago..." and "Enterprise: The First Adventure" have their fans. And critics. Would these projects have been more successful if Mike Barr and Vonda McIntyre, both already successful, crowd-pleasing Trek authors but presumably total strangers, were forced to consult closely with each other as their deadlines loomed, compromising ideas they'd already come up with about how Kirk's crew came together?

Would many fans have cared, or noticed, one month after the anniversary? How many diehard fans (already only 1% of the viewing audience) were collectors/readers of both the novels and the comics? The middle intersection in the Venn diagram is getting very small.
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