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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Some post-AvX Marvel rumors from Bleeding Cool. Rich flat out states that some of this is bound to be wrong, except Gillen/Land on Iron Man, which seems definite.

Could we see Rick Remender and Jeremy Opena on an Avengers book? New Avengers maybe?

Could Mark Waid take over Avengers Assemble?

What about Jonathan Hickman and Essad Ribic on either Uncanny X-Men or the Avengers books that’s not the one Remender and Opena are on?

And definitely definitely definitely Kieron Gillen and Greg Land on Iron Man.

Matt Fraction and Salvador Larocca are sticking together… wherever they end up.

And only the very best artists for a Brian Bendis cosmic relaunch…
I'll follow Hickman and Gillen wherever they wind up, and a Mark Waid-penned Avengers Assemble sounds like a winner. I need to hear more about Bendis' cosmic project before deciding.
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