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Re: Heads up! MYTHBUSTERS season premiere tonight at 9 Eastern!

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The test was complete nonsense. True, Jamie was impressive with his knife throwing, but there's no way he threw the knife with enough force to cause more than a bruise through Adam's clothes.
I assume he did. That was the whole point of training with the expert knife-thrower -- so he could learn the correct motion and force with which to throw a knife to achieve the desired impact, and then replicate that motion with a safe analogue of identical mass to the knife. If the mass of the projectile was the same and the motion and force with which he threw it was the same, then the kinetic energy and the force of impact would've been the same (allowing for the balloon's slight loss of velocity due to its greater air resistance). The difference is that a knife concentrates all that force on a tiny surface area and thus can do far more damage with the same amount of force that would be harmless when spread over a larger area (and largely absorbed by the deformation of the balloon).
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