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Re: Revisiting the films...

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1. Star Trek 09-Credit due for a new producer who made ST feel like ST again. Adventure, scale, cachet, all missing from previous Trek movies. If all that's not enough, it's writing brought some small development to characters that basically didn't change much in the original series, executed well enough to be nominated for a Hugo, Nebula, Writers Guild Award, a trifecta not accomplished by any other Trek movie.

A home run, a bullseye, direct hit!! A smashing blockbuster success! The most cinematic, the most dense, most energetic, fully realized, rich, fun, rousing, professionally made MOVIE of all of ST. Rewatchable with almost every sequence creating a lasting impression. The best "teaser", best beginning credit sequences, the best Special FX, the best sound, best ending credits! Grade: ***** of 5 stars

I disagree with this on so many levels I wouldn't know where to start. I'll take TFF over any of the TNG films and certainly over ST09 by a wide margin anytime.

Then again you and I hardly ever agree on anything.
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