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Re: AVENGERS: Grade, Reviews, Discuss, DVD & Sequel **SPOILERS**

captcalhoun wrote: View Post
as for Spidey in Avengers, well, he IS an Avenger now
Skywalker wrote: View Post
But I'm glad Spidey's not with Marvel. I've never liked the idea of making him an Avenger. I think he works better on his own.
I agree, Spiderman should be able to stand on his own, not need to be part of a wider verse, certainly not one as wide as the Avenger movie verse is. That said of course, Iron Man, Cap Am, and Thor have proven there worth in a movie of there own, so its unfair to see the Avengers cant hold there own. Even Hawkeye and Black Widow could carry a movie without too much extra help.

captcalhoun wrote: View Post
Daredevil's at Fox. Spidey's at Sony. No chance.
Skywalker wrote: View Post
I wish Spider-Man and Daredevil were under control of the same studio just so that they could share the Kingpin.
mine was of course an example, but yeah that kind of plot would work.

captcalhoun wrote: View Post
and you get that kinda question in the comics. where was character X whilst all that shit went down in Character Y's comic. or sometimes X appears in Y's title and you then have to work out when the hell it happened in relation to X's stories...
maybe that is ok in the comics, but I think the movies should try and avoid that.
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