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Re: What are your top 5 technologies of the next 15 years?

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You're just not getting it, smart phones are an example of exponential technology (size, power, speed etc)...providing dematerialized services once impossible out of numerous other hardware based, old industrialized technologies, even in some cases a few years ago. It has demonstrably changed the world already and I have provided both technical experts and statistical evidence to prove it (your claims however have not).
Lacking from your various non-sequitor links is evidence that the exponential growth of technology has/will actually bring about that change. I again remind you that although smart phones are more available in the third world, they are not to a large degree being DEVELOPED there, nor are their residents reaping the economic benefits of technological progress itself.

The answer to poverty isn't helping poor people buy smartphones. The answer is helping poor people MAKE smartphones. The better answer is helping poor people INVENT smartphones. None of your links address this issue and you've repeatedly ignored it as if it doesn't matter.

We were discussing coca cola and corporations, and you were suggesting that they are slow to innovate with new technologies
No I wasn't. I was saying they were slow to SHARE new technologies in a way that would allow someone OTHER than the Coca Cola company to profit from them. In a lot of cases, they are actually prone to suppress those technologies rather than develop them, especially if those technologies would ultimately threaten their profit margins. IOW: Coca Cola wouldn't be investing in clean water technologies if they thought there was any possibility that THEY wouldn't ultimately end up as the primary beneficiaries of the technology in the best position to market that technology as a new commodity. If the third world had developed it themselves, they'd be more likely to SUPPRESS the technology than support it, thereby avoiding a potential source of competition.

As to the overall point, I wasn't referring to Coca Cola specifically so much as the existing power structure of the western world as well as the third world (which was the point YOU missed when I reminded you that dictatorships ALSO have to innovate in order to survive and the exponential growth of technology would make it easier to do so).

Your arguments are mainly opinion not based on modern reality
This in a discussion about how smartphone guitar picks are evidence of the approaching singularity.
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