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Re: Revisiting the films...

The films really are such a mixed bag for me. I watched them all (up to Insurrection) in the theater and have re watched them all on video and DVD multiple times. I was never as fond of TWOK or TVH as most, particularly TVH, but I still watch them with enjoyment. Mostly. And that brings me to TUC.

I remember exiting the theater pumped over this film, thinking it one of the better of Trek's theatrical offerings. There had been a couple of scenes that made me cringe, but far fewer than TVH or TFF. There had been some serious holes in the plot, but what Trek hasn't had those? The issue is that every single time I have viewed it since, the cringes increase and the plot holes just seem to keep coming. It has ended up being my second least favorite of them all and my least favorite with the original cast.

What were they thinking?
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