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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x20 - "In the Stars" (part 1 of 3)

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So, timing wise it sounds like we are still 1 year away from Dax transfering to Aventine as 2nd officer I take? Personally, I'm a little anxious for this. More than most any of the main characters, she feels like a fifth wheel at the moment.
Yeah, I get that. It's not time for her to go to the Aventine yet, but she can't just hang about on DS9 forever twiddling her thumbs. But at least she knows it. I don't mind when characters acknowledge their own story problems. I would have liked Voyager a lot more if Chakotay had actually said "Hey, you know what? I guess I am a useless seatwarmer. Maybe I should do something about that."

Wally wrote: View Post
It would also be interesting to see his abilities decline, and be forced to rely on his experience. He can become the Vaughn of the Jem'Hadar, so to speak.
I thought that was a nice counterpoint in Warpath that could have been explicated a little more - the oldest Jem'Hadar versus the oldest human. Who wins? They would probably have a strange respect for each other in that way.

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So what happened to Kira (in the latest DS9R stories)? Did she die or what? What about Odo, he is still running the Dominion?
Again, not got Plagues of Night yet (it's on order though), but I've read Rough Beasts and that says that Kira resigned from Starfleet and joined the church. The specific circumstances were not revealed at the time. And I don't remember any exposition regarding Odo and/or the Dominion at all, but based on some people's assumptions about the cover of the next book Raise the Dawn, some news may be coming on that point.

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