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Caught two endermen in the "gentleman's club" before Kestra came along and cleared them out.
Caught two endermen in the club ... or did I catch you with two endermen in the gentleman's club?

In related news, I've started work on a red light district in town. It's going to be adjacent to "Old Town," and starts right next to the Adventurer's Club. Literally right next to it (sorry Robert). I'm making all the buildings super close together with just enough space to make a single block path. I figure a shady area would be cramped like that.

I'd totally appreciate any input or if anyone wants to help make a building, or has any ideas. These are my ideas so far:

Pawn Shop: This is already built. It's the first building and it's called "Trash for Gold," and contains both trash and gold. I've got objects for sale (or most likely free), I try to obtain objects for you, I might make an offer on certain items, and I'm also willing to do loans. I'm pretty easygoing though so while this is a nice little shop (even a little basement room!), I am always willing to help people out.

Bonds and Loans: Not sure if I'll try to merge this into the pawn shop or not

Brothel: This one I definitely would like to do myself though I am open to help; I'd just like to be involved

"Herbal" Supplies and Dispensary: I might stick plants and other items in here. It's going to be called "Glow Is The New Blow" and have glowdust once I go on a gathering expedition.

Weapons: Can keep various weapon supplies, especially now that we have the awesome skelly farm from Xan.

Any other ideas for the red light district?

Also I want to say that I <3 our server and it's really fun playing with everyone that's on there.
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