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I was gonna say, it does have alot of the same characteristics. I have some pics that I got elsewhere and it seems to have the same details.
I wish I could find out more about the construction. I heard they used Gatorboard and Styrene. Plus I have seen some model railroad hand-rails and stair-rails in there. Plus some Plastruct beams. But I dont exactly know what they made the thin wire looking detail from. They could be metal or copper(painted) or they might be Styrene. But Im not sure how they would have bent the Styrene...
I have to say that that model is BadAss. I love the detail look of it compared to the one used in First Contact. I really cant wait to see Q who and BOBW remastered so I can see more detail...
I wonder if Mr. Rick Sternbach has any pics that he would be able to share?
If anyone else here got any nice closeup shots I would love to see them...
I should start another sentence with I...

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