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Re: Star Ship Polaris

Well, there is one major thing to consider, and that is how much you want the show or film's basis on actual science, even if it can only by hypothetical or theoretical.

The current primary hypothetical method of FTL travel would be the warp drive as theorized by Alcubierre, which most of us have probably already heard of, though I suspect that an intensive enough search might bring up a few cases where extra-terrestrial beings give clues as to the method of propulsion of their alien ships, as claimed by witnesses, abuctdees, and contactees.

I would image that while warping space, it would probably be possible to see directly ahead and behind, but all other directions would be distorted from the warping of space, so unless sensors could be calibrated to compensate for the distortions, it would probably be difficult to determine what is outside of the warp field, aside from what has already been chartered and mapped.
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