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Agreed, although apparently Mr. Nolan is NOT a fan of the Penguin character.
Probably because of the bullshit Burton did with him. You could really make The Penguin in the Nolan Verse a pure evil mobster Kingpin like Tony Soprano mixed with Tony Montana or something.

But then what's the difference between him and a Sal Maroni from TDK?

He's just an uglier mob boss? Take away the monocle, tuxedo, umbrella, etc. and that's basically what you get, right?
Well, The Penguin could be made a bit more complex with some deeper motivations. Maroni/Falcone were just regular mob bosses pretty much criminal masterminds. The Penguin could have been made to have darker ambitions to utterly take down and destroy Gotham from within as a bit of revenge for a lifetime of ridicule.
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