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Re: Star Ship Polaris

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Probably it is. Some early drafts of the story had action aboard ship during periods of time that they were in hyperspace or whatever, but I cut all that back in simplifying the story, so anything we were to develop going forward could probably use either the "instant jump" premise or a different one if we chose.
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^Leave it nebulous so the fanboys have something to debate about in the coming years.
I agree.

In the unfilmed Exeter episode "The Atlantis Invaders" I deliberately didn't specify impulse or warp engines during a chase sequence because saying either raised questions that weren't important to the narrative (if they're at impulse, why not go to warp...if at warp, can you use phasers or transporters?). Furthermore, it left options open to the effects guys on how to portray it or whether to use any stock shots in the sequence. Sometimes being less specific is the right way to go.
^I think this is the best way to go, at least for the moment, unless you are absolutely certain that you want to make their FTL drives instant, and I don't mean for the purpose of just simplifying things. You might want to keep this detail open, just in case the opportunity does come up to later do scenes while the ship is in FTL. If it is decided with certainty that ships in this universe travel instantly at FTL, then no one can say otherwise without creating an inconsistency.

And on a personal note, I think that realistically speaking, it is more likely that ships would warp space gradually, section by section, than first bringing the destination to the ship, and then pushing the departure point behind, all at once, unless the destination was very close by. I think that this would take a lot more energy, and then there is the concern of making sure space is restored to it's exact original form, and the more that you stretch out space, the more difficult, more energy, or more computing power or calculations that it might be to restore.

And I'm no scientist, let alone in the field of quantum mechanics or whatever subspace mechanics might belong in, but I'm quite certain that when you bend space, you must contract space to the exact same form it was in the first place, otherwise, there will be some sort of consequence, of which I don't know.
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