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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

29. Snow White and the Huntsman: B-
30. Meet the Parents: A-
31. Meet the Fockers: B
32. Prometheus: B
33. Chernobyl Dairies: B-

Meet the Fockers I felt like was a strong enough follow-up to the first film but only really got going at about the midway point of the film. The last film in the trilogy should arrive tomorrow, Little Fockers.

Prometheus - was a beautifully made film that was addressing the larger existential questions man has been asking and I don't guess I expected that. I'll visit the Grade Thread on that and drop some thoughts which likely others have as well. As a pt.1 prequel to Alien it served that function pretty well also

Chernobyl Dairies - I saw this cause it's from the same creator of Paranormal Activity. As a film it still serves up some scares but the premise of "hand held cameraman" falls apart early in the film. Whereas in PA the stationary mounted cameras work great to capture things here in CD it's clear that no one in the group is actually filming anymore. Thus the need for shaky cam is lost as a "necessity" to telling the story in 1st person. I also have issue with the structure of the the Uri(tour guide) character.
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