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Re: Tron: Uprising

I'm loving this show so much. In many respects it's the kind of story and action I had hoped to see in "Legacy". The animation feels like a modern version of "Aeon Flux" to me and in my book that's a good thing. Looking at the framing of shots and the way the action sequences are done, my gf and I both couldn't take our eyes off the screen (and she's nowhere near as into scifi as I am).

The story isn't ZOMG amazing, but nor is it a bad one. It's compelling to see Beck do his thing (trying to avoid spoilers here) and the good and the bad that happens to him and the others around him as a result.

LOVED the appearance of Bit, he even did his "zoom off the screen" thing! The old Light Cycle looked gorgeous and I noticed they are very careful about their sound effects as the new Cycles seem to have a slightly different sound than the old. Even a name drop of Flynn! All very awesome for us fans who remember what came before.

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