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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

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This film is very polarizing among scifi fans, and not in the SW prequel way where 95% realize the films are bad. Opinions seem to be either in praise of the film, or condemnation and offense that the film exists.
The polarization of opinions isn't atypical of Trek fans at all in my experience. Some people liked Trek XI and some people absolutely hated that they rebooted the timeline and created an alternate universe. Some people think DS9 was gods gift to Trek on TV and others think TNG and the original series rules.

I wish some Trek fans of other sci-fi could sit back and relax and understand that in order for the genre to be commercially successful and survive it has to stick to some type of formula today because of the cost of making films.

IMO, Prometheus was cerebral enough to make it a great film for hardcore sci-fi fans and Aliens purists but also the film is exciting and interesting enough for any member of the general public.

I hope it does well at the box office so we can have more films like it in the near future.
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