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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Some comments from Bob Wayne and John Cunningham to CBR about the sales for the New 52 collections so far:

Cunningham: The other thing to keep in mind with the trade paperbacks is that the totality of that business is not only the Direct Market. We've been extremely excited by the fact that of the six books we released in the month of May, five made the New York Times bestseller list. We were very clear from the beginning of the process that we launched the New 52 as a two-phase gambit. The first phase was the periodical launch, and the second stage was the launch of the collections. And we were excited to take those out to the mass market and see how they'd do. And in fact, you'll see in the New York Times list from this Sunday that Scott Snyder's "Batman" is the #1 hardcover on the list. Or looking at BookScan numbers, that same book is in its third week in the top 50 of all hardcover fiction not even just graphic novels but all hardcovers. That's the fulfillment of the promise we knew we had at the launch, and it's extremely heartening for us to see that now.

Wayne: Or to go further, the highest ranking item on the Diamond chart that's within the Marvel Universe is "Spider-Man: Season One" at #13. I don't believe that if you'd have told people two years ago, "There will be a new 'Animal Man' book and a new 'Spider-Man' book coming out in the same month, and the 'Animal Man' book that is a reprint will outsell the 'Spider-Man' book [of original material]" I don't think that would have been anybody's expectation.
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