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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

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Just watching Aliens. The characters feel so much more rounded and there's some genuinely humerous dialogue including some that the scientists in Prometheus should have known:

"Nobody touch nuthin!"

Wise words indeed.
Glad you like it. Now go back and watch ALIEN which, according to its writer, had characters that were deliberately not super well-rounded because his only concern was how they reacted to the monster that got thrown at them, and that was the movie Scott shot...and it's considered the seminal movie of the sci-fi-horror genre.

And Prometheus was created in that same vein. It's not perfect, but no way in hell is it worse than Aliens.
The problem is that you can justify the former: They're working-class people who may not be well-educated and certainly aren't in a profession that should have trained them to deal with contact with new life-forms.

But the crew of the Prometheus consisted of highly-educated, well-trained scientists. They should have already been well-trained in how to explore and gather data in a manner that's both rational and safe.
But I'm sure that training didn't include horny snake aliens, horny squid aliens, giant humanoid aliens bent on genocide, oily black multipurpose ooze, two seperate corporate agendas and freak weather on an alien moon. The notion that any non-Vulcan scientist can go through all this and still do his job in a methodical manner is asinine. I issue the same challenge to you that I issued to Pauln6: I defy you to collect samples in a methodial manner while you're being pursued by rabid pit bulls.
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