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Re: Heads up! MYTHBUSTERS season premiere tonight at 9 Eastern!

I've read innumerable accounts of people getting shot and not acting like it in various degrees - in the Miami FBI shootings many moons ago, the one of the bad guys' aorta was severed by an agent's 9mm. In the time it took him to bleed to death, he walked up to and executed one of the wounded agents. One of the most amazing incidents was an off-duty policewoman who pulled into her driveway after work to be greeted by a group of punks out to rob her. The lead punk simply shot her, point-blank, with a .357 magnum. The round completely exploded one chamber of her heart. Yet she still managed to draw her sidearm and put 5 shots perfectly into his chest just before she dropped. I don't recall, but I think she survived.

Kendo: In my casual reading on the art and techniques after I bought my cheap Highlander katana (), it was said that a samurai trains to draw the blade, strike fatally, and resheath, in one smooth, artful motion. Which makes me assume that a) the samurai is blindingly fast, b) the other guy is just standing there waiting for it like a schmuck, or c) the samurai has snuck up behind said schmuck.
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