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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

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Really, what the fuck was wrong with that guy?! Were the air levels in his suit just too low and he was high due to low oxygen levels? Why was he all cooing over that damn thing?
Could be. I chalk it up to the guy being inexperienced and rather stupid. Weyland clearly didn't pick the best and the brightest for this mission.

However, the same logic could be applied to Kane in the first film. Why would he approach something that resembles an alien egg with signs of movement inside. Why not get everybody else down before examining them. Then when it pops open and makes an ominous hissing sound, he leans in closer and sticks his face right over the thing!

This film is very polarizing among scifi fans, and not in the SW prequel way where 95% realize the films are bad. Opinions seem to be either in praise of the film, or condemnation and offense that the film exists.

Spoony, who I often agree with when it comes to movies, hated Prometheus and basically characterized it as the dumbest, most offensive cinematic experience in existence. However, from the comments it appears that many of his complaints were due to him not really paying attention to the film.

I really enjoyed Prometheus. It did have it's share of scifi/horror cliches, but people aren't remembering that the first alien had it's share of cliches. The spring loaded cat, anyone?

What I find most confusing is people lauding Alien for it's likable characters while condemning Prometheus for having unlikable ones. In the first film, the characters were extremely unlikable! We were basically watching seven people who have spent so much time together that they can't stand each other go about their boring daily routines. The characters had zero backstory because they all either knew each other so well they didn't have to discuss themselves, or they mistrusted each other too much to share personal information.

I realize Scott created this setup for the express purpose of building tension by contrasting the boring, routine scenes with the horror of their situation. People who act as if the characters from the first film were in any way interesting or compelling are viewing the film through rose colored glasses, as it is clear to me that the characters are purposefully shown as uninteresting and not compelling so we can relate to the horror they go through.
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