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Re: Heads up! MYTHBUSTERS season premiere tonight at 9 Eastern!

^Good point about being wounded but surviving. One mistake the Mythbusters made was in assuming that being shot or stabbed would inevitably be fatal unless it was in a peripheral area. The vast majority of shooting or stabbing wounds are survivable if medical care is received in time. True, in the Old West, infection would've been a problem, but if you're talking about a fight in progress, someone who's been shot or stabbed is often able to keep fighting. So the first person to be injured isn't necessarily going to be the loser.

And good input about the kendo myth. It underlines a problem with Mythbusters these days. They used to put more effort into researching the origins of a myth, figuring out why people claimed this thing and where it came from historically or culturally. Now they're just taking a phrase, making an oversimplified assumption about what it means, and testing according to that assumption, rather than questioning whether it's really the right assumption to make in the first place.
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