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Re: The All-New DALLAS!

I'm actually warming up to the idea of this new series. I'm not big on updates--I don't think you can ever go back and in general I think shows should not be resurrected or rebooted--however this one does sound like the writers might have learned a few lessons--namely JR, Sue Ellen and Bobby aren't going to be just props to lure old fans into the fold--rather according to interviews they'll be as much a part of the cast as the new people.

On the otherhand I'm not impressed with the two young guys playing John Ross and Christopher--I'm afraid they are going to be the weak links and with such important roles that could torpedo the show for me.

Hopefully it'll be just as wickedly delightful in its over-the-top plotting, scheming and back-stabbing as the original--there hasn't been a solidly good nighttime soap in more than a decade.
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