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Re: Heads up! MYTHBUSTERS season premiere tonight at 9 Eastern!

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I particularly found Jamie's yelling to be amusing. He's usually so sedate. So to hear him primally bellow as he charged Adam was a hoot! Of course, thr question arises, how much of it was a conscious action to unnerve Adam compared to "reflex"?
I figure it was just roleplaying, trying to make it authentic.

But that "face plant" was so unlike Jamie! Usually, Adam wind up being the unwitting pratfall "artist".
As Jamie said, "It had to happen eventually."

At first I wondered if he got snared by his cables, but the slow motion replay revealed no such entanglement.
Yeah, his foot came down wrong and he stumbled on it.

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But of course, you need somewhere to run away TO, which isn't always an option, if, say, the bad guy is between you and the door.
Which is why you should take the Mythbusters' advice and always have your knife/gunfights in a large empty warehouse or hangar.

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I understand there were virtually no classic "fast draw" contests in the old west, it being popularized in the Penny Dreadfuls more than in reality. One of the few known actual fast draws involved Wild Bill Hickock, who later explained that the way to win was to draw fast, but then aim really carefully before firing. While the other guy is blazing away in a panic, you take your time and hit him square.
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