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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

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Sting was announced last night as the first inductee into the newly created TNA Hall of Fame.

Which is a ridiculous concept in itself, given that it's one of the most blatant WWE rip offs in professional wrestling history. Sure, companies like WCW and NWA had or have their own HOF, but in TNA's case it's just taking a popular concept from another company and trying to make it work, just like Monday night Impact! Just like the authority figures being called General Managers and just like former WWE talent being signed and occasionly pushed to the moon, regardless of whether they are any good or whether they have even worked as a main eventer prior to TNA.

Don't get me wrong, Sting is deserving of induction into any pro wrestling HOF, but he's just one name. Who else can they induct at this stage? Well...

Jeff and Jerry Jarrett: (founders of TNA, Jerry is one of the most renowned wrestling promoters of the 20th century, whilst Jeff is a household name having worked and been a star in every major American wrestling promotion in the past 20 years.

Iron Mike Tenay: Long time wrestling announcer, been with TNA since it's inception.

Jeremy Borash: A personality that's been with TNA since the beginning, works in several roles most notably as a ring announcer, creative team member and a backstage interviewer.
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