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Re: One-year countdown thread!


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11 months to go and we still know nothing about this movie....Thanks JJ Abrams (sarcasm)
We know quite a bit....

A red forrest planet
Spock going down into a volcano wearing a goofy suit
More Starfleet ships
Many new uniform types (including a blatant Stargate Atlantis ripoff)
Improved engineering section on the Enterprise
Interconnected sets (bridge/lift/plaza/sickbay) for the Enterprise
An Enterprise shuttlecraft much like the Kelvin ones
A space barge
Benadict Cumberbatch fighting Spock
Peter Weller is a captain or CEO with a ship
Alice Eve is a character "new to canon" (but not to non-canon stuff like novels or comics?)
A reference to events of the new Gorn-centric video game
Return of Admiral Pike
Return of Redshirt "Cupcake" Hendorf
Possible cameo by Leonard Nimoy as Spock Prime
Filming location shots at a posh mansion and in icy greenland

...and that's just OTOH (and probably with a few minor incorrect details!)
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