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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

79. Star Trek: The Motion Picture (C-)
80. Your Sister's Sister (A)
81. The Gunfighter (B+)

Star Trek: The Motion Picture -- It was nice to see the Director's Edition on the big screen, although the SD image could only provide so much detail. I don't think judicious editing could turn this into a great film -- Decker and Ilia don't have much chemistry until she becomes a robot, the pastel colors rob the movie of the original series' vibrancy, the repeated use of split-diopter photography is needlessly distracting, the script has a couple of gaping, but necessary, holes, and some of the directing, particularly the blocking of actors, is quite awkward -- but it could serve to make it a good one. The film just isn't visually imaginative or well-designed enough to allow for the pacing of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Fifteen minutes could be taken out of the movie, easily, and nothing would be lost. Wise wanted to establish the scale of the Enterprise and allow the audience to see the ship for the first time in ten years? Fine, but we don't need establishing shots of the orbital office that stretch nearly to 90 seconds, nor do we need to see Kirk and Scotty in awe...when all they're looking at is the orbital dry dock.

Your Sister's Sister: More mainstream than mumblecore, this film is well shot, well acted, well written and -- most of all -- hilarious. Possibly the best comedy of the year.

The Gunfighter: Gregory Peck is great in this early example of the revisionist Western from 1950, as is the supporting cast. Really, the only thing it does wrong is overstay its welcome, and it's only for about two minutes at the end. It was nice seeing a print on the big screen, too. Despite being low-budget, the film looks rather good.

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