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Considering that, prior to BTAS, most versions of the Riddler (including the comic books) were modeled on Frank Gorshin's cackling madman, I don't think it's surprising how the character was portrayed.
Gorshin's Riddler may have been prone to evil laughter, but he wasn't a lunatic. He was shrewd, canny, and dangerous, and could snap from maniacal chuckling to cold rage or malicious calculation in a heartbeat. So there was some real menace below the hysteria. (I've seen it argued, persuasively, that Gorshin's Riddler was the prototype for Mark Hamill's interpretation of the Joker.)

And yeah, I get why there's precedent for portraying the Riddler as similar to the Joker. I just think it would be more interesting to play up the things that make him different from the Joker -- the fact that he isn't a deranged, hyperactive homicidal maniac, but a cool, calculating mastermind and gameplayer. Though of course that never would've fit the tone Schumacher was going for.

One of the questions was "who is the great love of Batman's life." And Carrey answered "his dead parents."

He was the only one who got that.

I always thought it was a shame that Carrey hadn't been the Joker originally.
Good call on Carrey's part. And I agree, he would've been much more suitable for the Joker than Nicholson was. (Although Robin Williams might've been even better. He can certainly project a more menacing side, more convincingly than Carrey.)
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