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^It was more than that though. Everywhere you went Batman was being pimped to you. Every commercial was for Batman. Every toy was a Batman toy. Go into a comic store and every comic was Batman. Every tee shirt logo was a bat. Every poster had a bat. People were going to the movies just to watch the trailer!

Batman was everywhere! I've never seen hype like it before or since.The two biggest hyped movies I've seen since are Episode I and The Avengers and even then it was like baby hype compared to Batman. To make it worse, some stupid fucking critic had to run his mouth and declare Batman "The movie of the decade!"

Any movie with that much hype was going to fall short. Especially Batman. I didn't initially like the 89 flick. I came to appreciate it after repeat viewings. I couldn't honestly say that I liked Tim Burton's Batman until the DVD came out.

I always loved Returns, though. The hype-gods at Warners had blown their wads on the first movie so I went in with reasonable expectations.
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