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Re: Most Anticlimactic Movie Deaths

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Yeah, I'd second being a bit disappointed by the speed of Dooku's death.
It's a bit sketchy, given that they were trying to show that Anakin had greatly advanced as a Jedi, but at the same time they had Dooku quickly disable Obi Wan. This is something that doesn't quite add up when you consider that Obi Wan equaled Anakin throughout their climatic duel at the end of the movie - not to mention that Obi Wan eventually defeated him.

They crammed a bit too much into RotS IMO. I totally understand the reasons for introducing Greivous as a cyborg character, but I'm not convinced his role had to be so large. Some of what he did could have been given to Dooku instead.
Could there have been some disagreement between Christopher Lee and George Lucas which lead to Dooku's part in the movie being re-written for Greivous?

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