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Re: Revisiting the films...

^ Yeah, that did not read like a three-star review on a five-scale at all.

My opinion of the first four movies is exactly the same as when I first saw them over 20 years ago. The same as the TNG movies. Zero difference. My opinion of TFF has gone down but it was a steady decrease over time without fluctuation.

TUC? Where do we begin? I've zig zagged all over the place. 20 years ago, I loved the movie. 10 years ago, I was deeply critical. Now I have a deeply mixed opinion of it.

All the criticisms I have were voiced immediately above or I've posted them before. I agree with them all. No need for me to rehash any of it.

The positives: Cliff Eidelman's score is great and it fit this particular film. The Rura Penthe landscape was an impressive piece of location shooting. It's admirable that TUC wanted to parallel a turning point in Real Life and a turning point in the Star Trek Universe; but the approach could've been handled much better.

In the novelization, an outpost is attacked, crippling Carol, Kirk visted her in the hospital, and that would've made a huge difference in setting up his disposition.

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