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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

It is a beautiful film to watch. The soundtrack was stirring ... even uplifting. Fassbender delivered an incredible performance that was simultaneously chilling and poignant.

But there are so many mysteries! I get the parallels between the Engineers creating humans and the humans creating androids. I see the subtext of giving birth to life and yielding to death to make room for that new life. Then there's Promethean legend and gods and belly-cutting and all that.

It's just .... there comes a point where a movie takes on too many metaphors to actually make sense.

I'm willing to give allowances for style and artistic license and I'll set aside my personal beliefs to entertain the story-teller's ideology. But at the end of this movie, I'm wondering: did I just get a glimpse into the mind of a genius or a lunatic? Was this movie incomprehensible because I simply don't get it's calculus or because it's just a jumble of symbols arranged in an order that pleases a madman?

I suspect there's an amazing movie lurking behind this incomprehensible mess. Attentive watchers will no doubt be able to unearth buried clues which, when collected together and carefully studied, will reveal Ridley Scott's location and we'll be able to go there and ask him, "What did this incomprehensible mess actually mean?!"
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