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Re: What Trek Ship suffered the most damage and beating?

The Ent-A took a fair beating in TUC.

VOY was beyond a joke. AT best it paid lip service to damage at worst it totally ignored credability that it would look brand new every week withou access to starfleet spares and spacedocks.

The Ent-D got taken out by a Klingon bird of prey, even without shields a volley of torpedeos and phaser fire should have taken the BoP out.

The NX Enterprise did manage to keep going despite extensive damage during S3, but somewhat realastically it's fighting ability decressed the more damage it took

as the the JJ Enterprise a little too early to say.

The Ent-E managed to do well against the Scimitar in NEM

Th Defiant could take a fair beating, but that was down in part to it's ablative armour.
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