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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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I understand - its just hard to discuss since you have not read/seen it. I would be very interested in having the discussion once you have.
I don't think I'm likely to. From what I've heard, it's too dark and depressing and violent for me.

Now what would work - is a tv show based on the world with an all new plot and characters.
Or something that incorporates characters and plot elements from the books but combines them in new ways and tells new stories based on them, as The Dresden Files and Legend of the Seeker did, or as a movie like Clash of the Titans (the Harryhausen original) did with Greek mythology, or as superhero movies do with the comics that inspired them. It doesn't have to be a binary choice between slavish copying and complete newness. There are countless ways to rework the elements of a story, or to combine pieces of different stories to generate a new story.

But if you were going to change the overall plotline, you would have had to change the beginning as well. There is stuff happening in the prologue that sets up events in book 5 and so on.
But what you do in that case is what Straczynski did with Babylon 5: have certain key events and plot points that you need to pay off, but be flexible about when they happen, what happens in between them, what leads from one to the other, or even which characters play certain key roles. There can be multiple paths to reach the same endpoint. Again, it's not a binary choice.
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