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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

SalvorHardin, thanks for your responses. That sacrifice explanation makes a lot of sense. About the squid possibly being a proto-facehugger, another thought occurred to me. Maybe the space jockey had already been infected and the xenomorph had been gestating for a long time. And now that the space jockey was dying it burst out of him to save itself.

We have seen infected people in frenzied states in other Alien films, so maybe that was part of what was driving the space jockey's violence toward the humans?

I didn't put in my first post, but I do agree with others who had an issue with Guy Pearce's makeup. It wasn't done well and I was expecting them to de-age him at some point in the film. I agree with those who felt getting a real old guy would've been better. And I also had issues with the quarantine procedures, or lack thereof, however I let that one go as I watched the film.

And it was pretty stupid for that one dude to want to took that alien snake especially when it was rearing up, looking ready to strike. And also after they had found all of those space jockey corpses. They didn't know what had killed them, it could've been the serpents.

I also didn't get why no weapons were allowed. Granted you didn't want trigger happy people, but shouldn't the crew have been picked to weed out those kinds of people? And why not have something to defend yourself in case you did run into some problem? I liked how it was done in AVP where Alexa Woods stated no weapons, they agreed with her, but then just ignored her. Or how it was done, in a similar fashion, in Aliens.
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