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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

Pearce, thanks.

I did think the surgery scene was wonderful and gruesome but the machine was clunkyly introduced. "Hey, cool! You have one of those automated surgery machines!"

"Yeah, it's neat. But don't worry about it you'll never see it again."

I also found it funny that she asks it for a C-Section/Abortion and says it can't do one then she basically says, "Oh! Well... I have an abnormal growth in my abdomen, can you remove it?" And the machine's like, "Oh, totally!"

The two dumb guys stuck in the chamber too were just...

Dude, how stupid do you have to be to see a snake-like creature and be "Oh, cute! I'm going to touch it even after it snapped at me!"

Anyway, The Cinema Snob and his friends review their midnight screening and mostly give the movie a positive one.


I think it's funny when Brad says the movie should have been called, Dude, Don't Touch That.

The lack of proper quarantine procedures or any sense of "there could be dangerous shit here" stuck me as odd too. But in spite of the many of the flaws and plot holes in this movie I did really enjoy it purely on visuals.

Way too many IFs there.
Tell that to anyone who's been luckily rescued or saved by something random in a situation where they normally would have died.
Just because it's futuristic doesn't mean it's practical.
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