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The pregnancy was never David's plan, it was just something that happened. A "fortunate" coincidence for David.
His plan was to see what the goo would do to a human but then Charlie got himself roasted.
Yes. Entirely TOO fortunate for me to buy it!

How is a guy having sex with his girlfriend when they finally get some alone time after 2 years in the freezer and the excitement of a big discovery "TOO fortunate"?
Because it is convenient that THAT was the only way to get her pregnant so that squid thing to grow so it could defeat the engineer at the end of the movie.

Think about it - that squid was required to save her. But IF she hadn't gotten pregnant (due to condom use or something), and IF she hadn't had sex, and IF David hadn't contaminated his drink before the guy shagged her, and IF he hadn't brought back a sample of that liquid and IF they hadn't found the canisters, then there would have been no squiddy to save her, and she would have died!

Way too many IFs there.
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