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Re: Agamemnon Voyages: The God Particle

Agamemnon, 2372

“Red Alert, all hands report to battle stations. The ship is now at Red Alert, all hands report to battle stations. This is a drill.”

The crew of the Agamemnon hurried back and forth through the corridors, urgently trying to get to where they needed to be. Weapons controls, sickbay rallying point, damage control stations, main engineering, the bridge, the armory or in the case of civilians, to their quarters to be out of the way of those Starfleet officers and crewmen whose job it was to keep the ship and her crew as safe as possible.

Only two individuals appeared to be ignoring the organized chaos which took place all around them to the steady beat of the monotonous red alert klaxon.

Texx was looking over a padd with one eye while skillfully managing to dodge crewmembers running past him. “We’ve scheduled six more drills which should bring our total to nine before we reach our destination, with every shift having gone through at least two exercises. Readiness times have been improving steadily and I have to say I’m mightily impressed by Chief Holly. The crew really seems to respond well to his drills.”

Maya walked at her first officer’s side, equally making her best effort to stay out of people’s way. She nodded. “I’ve given him free reign to make sure the crew is as prepared as possible for whatever we may face.”

“He’s doing a fine job,” Texx said. “I haven’t seen this kind of dedication and hustle since the height of the Cardassian Border Wars. And the officers and crew are working together more efficiently than I can ever remember seeing on a starship.”

The captain smiled at that. “It’s very important to me that those two get along and work hand-in-hand. On too many ships officers and ratings are kept so far apart, one could get the impression they’re separate entities all together. I wanted to make sure from the onset that on Agamemnon there is only one crew, working together to achieve one goal,” she said just before she flattened herself against the bulkhead to allow a team of Marines to jog past her.

“That makes a lot of sense,” the Bolian said. “I remember how much my older brother, a senior NCO in Starfleet for a good twenty years, kept moaning about officers’ inherent sense of entitlement,” he added as he waited for the captain to catch up with him again.

“How big is that family of yours?” she said when she was back at his side.

He had a twinkle in his yes. “Oh, we’re just a regular-size Bolian family,” he said. “At last count I had twenty-three siblings.”

Maya uttered a surprised cough before she focused on the matter at hand again. “Make sure every crew-member gets a chance to catch their breath and decent rack time before we arrive at Iota Crucis. I don’t want anyone exhausted by the time we arrive.”

Texx made the appropriate notations on his padd.

Once they reached a more spacious corridor segment, Maya indicated for him to follow her into a far corner and away from the harried bustle of the crew. “How is everyone taking the new orders, Ard?”

He considered her for a moment. “Well, nobody seems to know what our new orders are exactly.”

“Yes,” she said and then focused in on his blue eyes. “And I’m fully aware that this isn’t easy on people, especially on their very first mission right out of the gate. If it were up to me, I would brief the crew in full about what we have been asked to do. I don’t appreciate keeping secrets from my own people.”

“They are professionals, Cap,” he said. “They understand that from time to time their captain will have to play it close to her vest. But they know to follow orders and to give their level best to ensure that whatever the mission may be, the outcome is a resounding success.”

Maya touched his lower arm. “I appreciate this, I really do. This is not how I had imagined my first mission to go but knowing that my officers and crew are behind me is a comforting thought.”

“As long as I’m your first officer you will never have to worry about that one,” he said with and earnest expression on his face. “I make you that promise now.”

She gave him a grateful nod.

“If however you would like to drop me a hint or two, off the record, about what all this has to do with the sudden appearance of a Greek letter on the bridge, I would make a killing on the ongoing pool,” he said with lopsided grin.

Maya shot him a mock frown.

“I thought not,” he added quickly.

She uttered a little laugh. “Suppose you can’t stop the rumor mill.”

“On a starship? Not a chance.”

Donners nodded. “We’ll just have to keep the crew too busy to give the thing too much thought, won’t we? Keep up those drills and keep me updated on performance stats.”

“You got it, Cap.”

“And set up a senior officers dinner for tomorrow night,” she said. “I won’t be able to answer questions but it might help to put them at ease a little bit.”

He made another note. “Done and done.”

“Good. I’ll catch up with you later,” she said and then headed off into the opposite direction.

* * *
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