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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

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I wasn't impressed.

And what was up with that stupidly convoluted plot to get her pregnant with the alien squid?

He gets some of the goo, then puts it into the guy's cup so he drinks it and gets infected, then he has to shag his girlfriend to get her infected so it can grow? I mean, bloody hell! That's hardly a reliable plan of action!
The pregnancy was never David's plan, it was just something that happened. A "fortunate" coincidence for David.
His plan was to see what the goo would do to a human but then Charlie got himself roasted.
Yes. Entirely TOO fortunate for me to buy it!

How is a guy having sex with his girlfriend when they finally get some alone time after 2 years in the freezer and the excitement of a big discovery "TOO fortunate"?

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Lingering questions:

-What was the point of the first scene? Was the alien killing himself as some form of sacrifice to appease the aliens in the flying saucer?
From what I understood the Engineer sacrificed himself drinking the goo to provide the dna building blocks for human life to emerge. Part of the Engineers' seeding, life creation process

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-David's infecting Holloway. I didn't get why he did that? Was it merely scientific curiosity? Or was another attempt to bring an alien back to Earth like we have seen in the other films? Or did he not just like the dude?
Trying to see what the goo does, what effect it has on humans, to see if it could be used on Weyland to "fix" him.

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-Why did that squid thing produce a xenomorph? We've never seen that before. It was almost like they realized they should throw a xenomorph in there and it just felt tacked on. Even though I had wanted to see a xenomorph, or more.
It was an early form of facehugger perhaps. A version the Engineers will perfect into the small one we know in the sequels, if there are any.

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