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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

Weill i just watched Stakeland last night. The pace was languid but the story was by no means formulaic and, apart from the narrator who I thought was likely to survive until the end at least, I had no idea what was going to happen to the supporting characters throughout the movie. There wasn't a huge amount of dialogue but they managed to sketch their characters without that (much as they did in Alien and Aliens). If the pace of Prometheus had been a little slower early on, maybe with a few natural disasters injuring or killing people while Holloway (the only person who took his helmet off) germinates due to David taking the opportunity to carry out his experiment, if David had just said, to Shaw, you're infected, I'm freezing you, and did so early on, if somebody else freed her later to check her out after bad sh~t happened to the others once the genie was out of the box, and if a few more of the characters worked together, leaving the injured Shaw on the ship while Vickers sided against her father, I think that would have mixed it up a bit and left us wondering exactly who was the hero and who was going to suvive.
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