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The 1989 Batman had a very Burton-esque flavour to it, but Batman Returns is not only very theatrical yet also pure umistakably Tim Burton. Everything is exaggerated and over exaggerated. There is no subtlety whatsoever. Watching this is like watching a live-action cartoon, and in this context I donít mean that in a good way.
My understanding is that after the success of the first film, Burton was given more freedom with the second, which is why it looks even more Burton-esque. I liked it when I first saw it too, but looking back, it's a bit much. I agree on that. And what was with the slush that looked like whipcream?
I had the opposite occur, I didn't think much if the movie but watched it last year as "Tim Burton's Batman" and really enjoyed it. Taken as such it's a really fun confection. It might help that I grew up with Batman since the 70s but didn't really know him from the comics.

You could probably say the same about Schumacher's films being uniquely his as well but it's not a vision I found so compelling.
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