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I remember Billy Dee doing talk shows in 89 saying: "I took the part because something is going to happen to my character down the line... but I can't talk about it right now." He knew all about Two Face from the start. I knew what he was hinting at because I knew all about Two Face and was excited to see Lando Calrissian in the part.

As for Michael Keaton and Batman Forever... from what I remember Michael Keaton decided not to do Forever pretty late in the game. I think they made Robin Williams an offer to play the Riddler but he turned them down. No idea why.

Personally I thought Kilmer was a cool choice. Just look at his build in that movie. He was friggin' built! He did a lot of the fight scenes himself! There was no close up of Kilmer and then a quick cut away to a long shot so the stunt man could do the fight. Kilmer was kicking, punching, running, jumping in a 300 pound rubber suit!

I don't care if you like BF or not but Kilmer was fucking impressive! Didn't care much for his Bruce Wayne though.
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