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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss


My Grade: B


Saw "Prometheus" tonight and quite enjoyed it. Serving as something as a soft "prequel" to the "Alien" franchise it sort of sets up events/tells stories of stuff always alluded to have happened before the movie series started without being fleshed out. (Similar to how The Thing prequel worked in relation to the Wes Craven The Thing.) Prometheus does this a bit better by not going out of its way to make those nods and such happen and flows in a mostly natural pattern.

A group of archaeologists come across a hidden cave adorned with wall-paintings similar to others spread around the globe and gather than this is a "map" of sorts to a distant planet, years later an exploration team is sent out on a privately funded interstellar sleeper ship. The planet turns out to be mostly earth-like (other than having a slightly higher, but deadly, level of CO2 in the atmosphere.) Our intrepid group of explorers find constructed features on the planet surface, lands, and begins exploring. Then shit starts sort of getting real.

The movie does a great job of building up an atmosphere an air of tension and even a nice sense of science ad mystery, one of the things I enjoyed the most about this movie. Just how interesting it was to see these people do sciencey-stuff without things needing to devolve into a horror or action-movie series fo tropes. (Though there are two obvious pieces of cannon fodder in the movie.)

Also interesting is Michael Fassbender playing Android tasked with caring for the crew during their travel-sleep and aids them during the explorations. Fassbender does a great job at this and even there's times I watched him thinking, "you, know. if they ever did a Star Trek '09 take on "The Next Generation" he'd make a great Data.

The movie has great special effects in it and I saw this in 3D. It's the first movie I've really loved in 3D and thought the 3D did an excellent job of immersing you into the movie world providing you with that "window into the movie" look that "Avatar" did so well a few years ago.

That's about all I have good, solid, interesting movie.
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